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ABOUT THE Human Art Collective:

About Us.

The Human Art Collective is a group of Northern California Bodypaint artists, models and enthusiasts. We are each strong and independent individuals that have the ability to bring our skills together to present bodypainting to real audiences. Our group believes that painting on skin is one of the most powerful and ancient of art forms, and we are dedicated to exploring the creative potential of the human canvas. We specialize in live bodypainting, performance art, art festivals, and gallery series.


Did you know? Bodypainting is one of the oldest forms of art in human history. Before drawings on cave walls, patterns have been decorated onto the human form throughout the centuries. 


Why we are here.

Many professional bodypainters feel like lone wolves. The bodypaint community has stayed small and under the radar for many decades, with only a few passionate people choosing bodypaint as a fine art medium and a way to earn a living. Times, however, are changing. With bodypaint shifting more and more into the limelight of contemporary media and social acceptance, the number of bodypaint enthusiasts continues to grow in the public eye. Bodypaint has now been used by celebrities, private clients, performance artists and models and has been widely popularized by print advertising, books, movies, and television shows. Today, you can attend multiple bodypaint conventions and competitions to see the work of some of the world’s greatest artists. The Human Art Collective sees the potential that bodypainting has as an artistic medium, and it's exciting for us see its continued growth.


Examples sevices that you can find through the Collective: 

Live bodypaint performance

wondering models

human statues

group sculpture



painted staff and servers

Zombies, Aliens, and Monsters!

Human Décor- makeup, face paint, airbrush, henna, glitter tattoos

Intimate studio sessions to large events 

For your guests too! 

All members of The Human Art Collective are passionate about making art and building fabulous connections with the community through art.

We would not be here today without your support and feedback! Feel free to contact us and tell us what you think.


If you'd like to collaborate with us or simply are looking for an artist or model for commission based work, follow this link to our Artist Directory. We look forward to hearing from you!


Keep up to date with what’s coming soon, tips and things we think are cool by following our Blog and our Facebook fan page: The Human Art Collective

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