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Brenda Leach. Painter. 

Brenda stumbled upon body painting. She has been an artist all of her life, and worked as a book designer after getting a degree in Graphic Design. She stepped away from the professional world when her 3rd kid was born — She has 4, and they are homeschooled. Now they are growing up and there’s time to focus on art again. Brenda started facepainting for a charity event a few years ago, and found it was fun so she continued. But she felt her own artistic voice was missing, as she copied other peoples’ designs. Brenda took on a project of creating a piece of original face art each day for a month, just to try to find her voice, and when friends responded and said that she should “do” that, She did some research and discovered some body painting styles that she liked. Brenda has been body painting for roughly a year. At the moment, She collaborating in the Santa Cruz area with a portrait photographer, Devi Pride, to offer customized fine art body paint portraits. She still has a face painting business as well. 


"Some things I like about body painting are that I get to make art without being isolated; I get to appreciate the beautiful lines in humans (I’ve always liked life drawing, but this way I don’t have to struggle with getting proportions accurate!), I get to work with color, and I can work in different styles." ~Brenda Leach


website links: and

mailing address: 15605 Highway 9, Boulder Creek CA 95006-9628

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