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Meet the Artist: Jessica Yurash

Jessica is an award-winning bodypainter from Northern California and is a founding member of the Human Art Collective.

Jessica Yurash got started in face painting as a birthday entertainer at Happily Ever Laughter Parties. She has performed at over 450 celebrations, and loves to be with children. Jessica also enjoys modeling, which is how she was introduced to body painting. After getting body painted a great number of times, she became friends with Trina Merry the Bodypainter, and did a 2-year apprenticeship. Trina took Jessica under her wing, and since Jessica was already familiar with face painting and body paint modeling, becoming a body paint artist herself was a fast and natural progression.

Before this Jessica was focused on acting, and earned her A.A. in Performing Arts and Drama spring of 2011. She has worked full-time as the Production Assistant at the California Theatre Center.

Jessica also still enjoys modeling whenever she can, whether it is in the studio, on the runway, or doing promotions.

Jessica is located in Sunnyvale, CA. And at only 24-years-old, she is excited to have the experience and training she has had, and the honor of getting opportunities to gain new knowledge in this specific skill. She regularly practices painting, balloon twisting, and henna tattooing.



Human Art Collective is a gathering of Northern California Body Paint artists/models/and enthusiasts. This recently formed group believes that painting on skin is one of the most powerful and ancient of art forms, and they are dedicated to exploring the creative potential of the human canvas.



06/6/14 - 06/07/14:  SubZERO Festival


07/20/14:  Bodypainting class hosted by Chrysalis Rose


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