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Behind the scenes!

Why join The Human Art Collective?

If I come along to an event to meet people will they welcome me?

Is it fun or just a bag of stress?

I have put together a few images from the Be The Change Event Yoga Flow Event at Local Color in San Jose to give you a candid look, and I think the answers are obvious. Yes, we are a very creative bunch, yes, we are friendly, and you will be welcomed and have a good time. So... come along at meet us at one of our events. Drop us a line at

Here is Luna a friend of the Human Art Collective working away with Alex Sing on the right with a happy model. Alex is one of the members heading up the planning for the Subzero event in San Jose coming up in June. Alex has a huge amount of experience in planning outdoor events.

Their design for today draws inspiration from the throat chakra. Artists explore their own way to express what that means to them.

Here we have Anthony Duran deep in concentration with his model. Sarah behind him may well be creating her first ever body paint!

People often bring their own tables along. Anthony's is quite distinctive and works really well for live painting at events too.

here is Brenda Leach painting Ciara with a very creative take on the throat chakra. The foam mats people are standing on is more comfortable for both the painters and the models.

Yes, Brenda and Anthony taking a fun break.

Jaime Marez an awesome professional and highly creative professional hair dresser just happened to stop by, and had to join in..... Body paint here is by Valerie Daft.

So hopefully this sneaky peek shows that we are human and gives you an idea of what things are like away from the professional photographers lens.

Hope this encourages you to join us!



Human Art Collective is a gathering of Northern California Body Paint artists/models/and enthusiasts. This recently formed group believes that painting on skin is one of the most powerful and ancient of art forms, and they are dedicated to exploring the creative potential of the human canvas.



06/6/14 - 06/07/14:  SubZERO Festival


07/20/14:  Bodypainting class hosted by Chrysalis Rose


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