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The Human Art Collective, January 2017.

The Human Art Collective started off 2017 on a very positive note with a meeting at The Lighthouse Studio in Oakland on January 22nd. There was a good turnout of the membership despite the rain. A couple of members joined in via Skype links.

We were thankful to be looking at a decent balance of funds, and a wealth of ideas for the year. Certainly over the past three and a half years or so the group has grown and we have grown as individuals. New challenges are underway, and ahead. To aid with this we are encouraging people to step forward as regional leaders. Our first to be voted in is Nathalie Mai Ngo with a special interest in the South Bay area. She has been running a yoga flow event in San Jose for some time now and is definitely our person on the ground there. If you want to find out more about her Yoga Flow events run through Be The Change Yoga and Wellness here Jeshka Yurash who has done such a sterling job leading us so far will continue in that role with support on blogging from Valerie Daft, and social media from Anthony Duran and Jennifer Collins. Alex Sing has been a major asset to the group with his experience in outdoor events, and this has been appreciated and recognized with the title of event specialist. It will also enable him to ask for support more efficiently. We always appreciate anyone just wanting to lend a hand and be social.

Subzero has been a consistent event for the group with many members looking forward to our mini festival and planning for it. This year it is on June 2nd and June 3rd in San Jose. At the moment we are starting to plan and think about theme. This is traditionally a really fun time for members who model, create costume, paint, and support other members. You can learn more about Subzero here and if you are reading this you might be interested in taking part in some way. Just drop us a line. Other events are in the works too.

Ronald Nelson was given an honorary membership in appreciation for his wonderful photographic skills, which he has shared so generously with us. He took many of the photos you will see in our portfolios and on Facebook. Just look for his name! In fact we could turn this into a game at some point. His website is and it is well worth a look. Beautiful images from all over the world, and we are very fortunate to have him interested in what we are doing.

Going forward we are looking forward to having more skill sharing, encouragement of new painters and models by more experienced members, jams where we can meet up and spend time together painting and socializing, as well as taking the opportunities that come along to demonstrate our professional skills and strong team ethos. 2017 is going to be a good year for The Human Art Collective!

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Human Art Collective is a gathering of Northern California Body Paint artists/models/and enthusiasts. This recently formed group believes that painting on skin is one of the most powerful and ancient of art forms, and they are dedicated to exploring the creative potential of the human canvas.



06/6/14 - 06/07/14:  SubZERO Festival


07/20/14:  Bodypainting class hosted by Chrysalis Rose


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